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Extracting a list of each unique entry from a larger list

Posted by Chris L on September 19, 2001 3:45 PM

I have a file of people and the companies they work for. I want to extract a list which contains one entry for each company which appears in the original file. Any ideas about how this can be done would be appreciated.

Posted by Richard S on September 19, 2001 3:52 PM

Advanced Filter


Use Advance Filter. In a separate column on your sheet enter the same column head9ing as the column heading under which your comany names are stored. Highlight your database and select Data|Filter|Advanced. Click the Copy to another location radio button, and highlight the column header where you want the list. Tick unique records only, then OK. You should now have a list of companies, with one entry for each only.


Posted by Chris l on September 20, 2001 9:09 PM

Thanks, my life is that little bit simpler now!