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Is it possible to sort more than one column in a sheet?

Posted by KnightCoach on January 17, 2002 5:52 PM

Is it possible to sort more than just one column in a worksheet? Here's the deal...I need to sort TotalLifted from highest to lowest; VerticalJump from highest to lowest, and 40 yard dash time from lowest to highest...all must correspond to the athlete's name, etc.

Is this possible...if so, please tell me how. Thanks!

Posted by Sam S on January 17, 2002 6:12 PM

select all your range of data including headings,
from your menu select
Sort by: TotalLifted - tick on descending
Then by: VerticalJump - tick on descending
Then by: 40 yard dash - tick on ascending

Posted by Nate Oliver on January 17, 2002 6:21 PM

Three Sorts Max to My Understanding

Sam's right. To my experience you get up to 3 sorts, I've attempted 4 in VBA only to get some errors.