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Now to consalidate

Posted by Mike on September 05, 2001 7:27 AM

Now that I have my part number serach set up, I need to get it to consolidate. I've been checking out other fomulas like =sumif and such. Cna't find anything that works or I'm probably just doing it wrong.

I have 30 rows 4 to 34 for searching for part numbers.

In column J the country of origin apears. Luckly all the country's are put down the same. like "United states," "Japan," Germany," and so forth.

in column K i have the classification. Which is a 10 digit number that looks like this. 1111.11.1111

In L I have the value of the row item.

okay so some part number have the same country or origin and classification but a differant value or even a same value.
What I would like to do is start another table on that sheet (can be anywhere as long as it's not overriding any already used cells) that will any part number that has the same county of origin and classification and combine them together and their values together onto a single row.

SO I could have 30 part number typed in but there are really only 5 differant country of origin and classification combinations.

Can anybody help me with this? I have asked some excel users around the office and even they are stumped on this one.

Posted by Connie on September 06, 2001 1:55 PM

Will using an auto filter or pivot table get you closer to what you're trying to accomplish?