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date question

Posted by amroo on May 16, 2001 7:32 AM

Bonjor, I want my maco put the only number of the passed month (4 for march 'cause we are in May)in a
I send a postcard of Paris to the helpers in return.

Posted by Barrie Davidson on May 16, 2001 8:07 AM

Hi A+mroo, try this:

Dim Past_Month As Integer

Past_Month = Month(Now()) - 1
Range("A1").Value = Past_Month

PS - what does A+mroo stand for??

Posted by amroo on May 17, 2001 2:25 AM

A+ Barrie Davidson

Thanks to Barrie (White or Malinow?).
(A+ (read a plus)means in french, see you later).