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dates and lookups

Posted by zing on November 15, 2001 9:28 PM


Here's the problem.
I'm trying to write a flying logbook worksheet. What i need to do is have a running 28 day total of my flying hours. I simply cant figure out any particular formula that will do the trick.

A bit of info: My worksheet has multiple entries per column for each days flights. ie, column A might contain three entries for three seperate flights.
I tried converting the dates to serial numbers and then subtracting 28 from it etc, but I cant work it out.

Any help?
Thanx zing

Posted by Dan on November 16, 2001 5:38 AM

I can't visualize what your spreadsheet looks like, please be specific. What is in column A? Takeoff (or start) time? A date? Both? Where is the landing (or end) time?

Posted by Dan on November 16, 2001 5:47 AM

Nevermind, didn't see your other post.