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How do I Update a "List" spreadsheet.

Posted by Troy Buzzard on November 06, 2001 7:36 AM

I created a spreadsheet template, using the template wizard with data tracking, to save data to a List. When the "Save" button on the Standard toolbar is pressed it updates the List spreadsheet but also attempts to save the template spreadsheet. I want to keep the template spreadsheet READ-ONLY. I only want the List spreadsheet to be updated with new information I've entered. How can I do this using just the template spreadsheet? Is there a macro function I can use to update just the List spreadsheet?

Posted by lenze on November 06, 2001 7:45 AM

First, you should be sure you have the template spreadsheet saved as a TEMPLATE. It sounds like you have it saved as workbook. The extension should be .xlt. Now when you open it, make sure you open it as a workbook by double clicking the icon or Right clicking and choosing new. (The name in the title bar should have a 1 after it to indicate it is no longer the template.) You can also use a shortcut to the template to open it. Now when you update, you will still be asked to save with the Save As dialog. You simply choose cancel if you don't wish to save.