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How to convert date into age

Posted by Hugo Simoes on August 07, 2001 11:48 AM

I was just wondering how to convert a date into age. For example. I was born 8-10-81, therefore, as of today, my age is 19. That's what i wanna make the computer do. But see, this coming friday, i'll turn 20. The formula is not simple as subtracting the year on both dates, month and days matter too.
Hope i can get some help from y'all.
Hugo Simoes.

Posted by Paul on August 07, 2001 12:44 PM

Put your birthday in cellA1 and this in cell B1, or any other cell, it will give you your age in years months & days =DATEDIF(A1,NOW(),"y") & " years, " & DATEDIF(A1,NOW(),"ym") & " months, " & DATEDIF(A1,NOW(),"md") & " days"