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Simple question? on displaying formulas

Posted by David H on February 17, 2001 3:51 PM

I have displayed formulas in Excel 97 in the usual way i.e. through Tools/Options/View etc. which does the trick up to a point.

The problem is that Excel insists on widening every column at the same time when I don't want this to happen. Have explored all menu items without any success. Have I missed something obvious?

Posted by Aaron on February 19, 2001 9:21 AM

Try using Edit/Replace. Find = and replace it with "= to display your formulas. Do the opposite switch them back.
If it's something that you do lots of then add a couple of buttons to a toolbar with macros that do the same thing.

To show formulas:
Cells.Replace What:="=", Replacement:="""=", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder _
:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False

To show results:
Cells.Replace What:="""=", Replacement:="=", LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder _
:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False

Posted by David H on February 20, 2001 9:41 AM

Thanks Aaron; it all works fine.