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Auto Filling Cells

Posted by Lee Hitchen on December 07, 2001 2:11 AM

I have a value in a1 which I wish to replicate until a 'new' value occurs (in this example cell a14)continuing all the way down to cell a3124 with numerous value changes along the way. Can anybody please let me know how this can be done? I suspect it will require a macro although the functionallity may already reside in Excel.

Many thanks in advance.


Posted by Mark W. on December 07, 2001 6:28 AM

It doesn't require a Macro...

1. Select column A:A
2. Choose the Edit | Go To... | Special Blanks
menu command. (Note: In addition to selecting
all of the blank cells this command will make
the 1st blank cell (A2 in your case) the active
3. Type a reference to the cell immediately
above the active cell (e.g., =A1) and press
4. Re-select column A:A and perform a
Copy/Paste Special Values to preserve the

Posted by Lee Hitchen on December 07, 2001 7:05 AM

Many thanks Mark, works a treat!!