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Linked Workbooks Sent as Attachments

Posted by Mason on May 10, 2001 10:52 AM

I have a spreadsheet that has different cells linked to other cells in other sheets in different workbooks. I sent one worksheet as an attachment to a colleague who changed some of the data. When she sent it back, the links in the formula bar read C:Attach/ instead of C:MyExcelFiles. I can go in manually to each cell and type in the correct path in the formula bar, but my question is: Do I need to in the future send her all linked files and have her put them in a folder with the same name as the one on my computer? Or is there another way. Thanks very much.

Posted by Dave Hawley on May 10, 2001 11:30 AM

Hi mason

Go to Edit>links and select Change Source.

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Posted by Mason on May 10, 2001 12:38 PM

Thank you very much, Dave, this really helps me a lot!