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moving to the top of a column

Posted by Jerry Malloy on December 21, 2000 10:29 AM

How does one get to the top of a column.

I work with large spreadsheets and as far as movement, I know that Cntl+ Home takes you to the beginnging of a worksheet and home takes you to the beginning of a row but what takes you to the beginning of a column?

example : I just finished editing data at I want to position myself at j1

Can anybody help?

Posted by Paula on December 21, 2000 10:38 AM

A couple of easy ways to move around are to use either the Go To function or the Name Box. The Go To function is available on the Edit menu or by using Ctrl + G. To use the Name Box, click in the Name Box and type in the cell that you want to go to, then hit Enter.

Posted by Tony Scala on December 21, 2000 10:39 AM

Place cursor on toop border of j25733 and double click. This will move you to the top of the column. this works to the left and right. Also can use "end" arrow up,down,left,right. TS