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What kind of "find" will return identical criteria?

Posted by GLITZ on December 13, 2000 5:39 PM

My problem is:
I have a info sheet containing information about different employee's.

column "a" has their employee number.
column "b" through "h" have different info. (not important)
Column "i" has different information related to the employee's status. An employee's status (can be) noted a "term" for terminated.

I cannot figure out how to do the following:
How can I create a list of all terminated employees?
The word "term" is entered in column "i" for any employee who is terminated. The termination list needs to be created on a seperate sheet.

-Vlookup up doesn't work b/c it can't continue to find multiple values related to "term" in the same row.....
-Macro's that return the employee's are awkward.

Do you have the key to my delimia???

Posted by Celia on December 14, 2000 1:08 AM

Try using Auto-Filter and then select the visible cells only(Edit>GoTo>Special>Visible Cells Only)
and copy/paste