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Any idea what triggers "Compile error in hidden module"???

Posted by Darren Lam on September 15, 2000 1:32 AM

Hi friends!!!

Recently i've run some excel file with VBA on couple PCs. Strangely, only a few of the PCs shows an error message "Compile error in hidden module ControlCopy"

ControlCopy is a user defined module locked with password under Excel's VBA editor.

Any ideas what could trigger the error???



Posted by Ivan Moala on September 15, 0100 1:47 AM

Darren the error you get is probably a referencing
error.....the hidden code has a reference to a
Object library file or OCX or Dll or file that
is not present or set on these computers.
Your'll need to get into the project in order to
set it is password protected you cannot
do this. You'll need to get the password in order to fix this.