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application error in Excel 97 for NT4.0

Posted by Chris Edwards on September 09, 1999 3:18 PM

We have just recently converted from Win 95 to NT 4.0 here at work. Since the conversion, I get a Dr. Watson application error in excel.exe. Exception: access violation (0xc0000005) Address: 0x306c25e4 when saving a document or just closing out of a document. I'm running Excel 97 and we have both Service packs 1 & 2 installed for Office 97 and also Service pack 4 for NT 4.0. I have ran Norton virus scan on all of the files with this problem and they are clean. They are all shared files also. Thanks for any help

Posted by Ivan Moala on September 10, 1999 6:24 AM

Chris, I think because the file is shared that there is an access violation, so
Saving from Word or Excel Resets NTFS Security Permissions.
Have a look at this articel;

Hope it helps