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calculation errors

Posted by Jim on August 10, 2001 10:50 AM

I have a 12mg file that I am using in Excel 97 that
will stop calcuating after a while. The automatic
calculation box is verified to be on and I even hit F9
to make sure and it still will not calculate. The only
thing that does seem to work is to go into the cell to
edit it and then hit return. My other option is to close
the file, exit Excel and reopen both. Does anyone have
any ideas why this might happen, how to avoid it and/or
how to fix it?

Posted by pgs on August 10, 2001 12:18 PM

Here are some things to check. Do any of your calculations require an iterative procedure? If so make sure the "Iteration" box is checked and a number is in place for number of iterations as well as a value for acceptable convergence. If you are using an iterative calculation check to make sure it resolves itself. If it doesn't the result in that cell may cause any calculation using it to sieze and/or puke. Does any cell have a divide by zero error message ? This will creat havoc and possibly halt your calc's. Are you using named cells to obtain values? If so make sure they really exist in your workbook and are not linked (and missing) to another workbook that you may have copied the equation and/or value from. Under the "edit" menu choice in Excel the "links" choice should be dull if none exist. If a link does exist verify its correctness.
good luck