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Error message when copying a worksheet

Posted by Paul Bartells on July 10, 2000 1:12 PM

I needed to move a worksheet from an existing workbook to a new one, then use that sheet to create additional sheets in the new workbook (basically using it as a template). The move worked fine, but when I attempted to copy that sheet in the new workbook I got a message which I've seen in the past many times but have never really understood. The full text of the message follows:
A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name 'wrn.Monthly._.Book.', which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name?
- To use the name as defined in the destination sheet, click Yes.
- To rename the range referred to in the formula or worksheet, click No, and enter a new name in the Name Conflict dialog box.

If I click yes, the copy proceeds with no further messages, but I'm concerned that there may be something wrong behind the scene. I've been unable to find any explanation of the error or how to find the reference it mentions.

If anyone has any insight into this problem, please email me. Thanks.

Posted by David on July 11, 0100 2:31 AM

Not a Solution

This happens to me sometimes. Are you copying one worksheet from the workbook or are you moving a couple worksheets. And does this happen on the first sheet or maybe the second or are you maybe moving a couple sheets at once. Not offering a solution just yet just trying to figure it out.

Posted by Ryan on July 15, 0100 11:02 AM

Re: Just Curious now


I found my problem so I'll let you know how! If you go to Insert --> Names --> Define, scroll through the list of defined names and look at what that name refers to. I had one that refered to another workbook, I deleted it, and it fixed the problem. Hope this helps!


Posted by Ryan on July 13, 0100 1:30 PM

Re: Not a Solution

I just ran into this,

There are named ranges or formulas in the sheet that you copied that are trying to get the info from the other sheet, and that's what it keeps asking you, to update those formulas. You have to find them and remove them. Good luck!


Posted by Paul on July 12, 0100 2:17 PM

Re: Not a Solution

I moved one sheet from a multi-sheet workbook to a new, empty workbook. After that, I tried to copy the inserted sheet to make additional sheets in the new workbook. I think that's when the message appeared. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Paul on July 13, 0100 2:58 PM

Re: Not a Solution

That much I think I had figured out. And I had looked for it. I even displayed the cell formulae and searched through them. I never found anything that resembled 'wrn.Monthly._.Book.'. I just ran out of ideas of where to look to find the reference.


Posted by david on July 13, 0100 10:02 PM

Just Curious now

where are you saving these files to in reference to each other. I think this might be a dead end but try searching the directory they are in for files including wrn.Monthly see if it gets you anything. And I mean the Find files containing the text. Probably won't work but even if it doesn't would only take a second. If it isn't hurting anything might be easier to ignore it. Let me put a little more thought into it.

Do they have macros. Maybe search through the macro code to see if it is copying that too.

Have you tried taking the workbook to a diferent computer and reapeating the actions to try to trouble shhot it that way. Run through a few tests.

Other than that I think you got me.