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Excel 97 for windows error message

Posted by Loide on December 16, 2001 4:50 PM

i have a file which is around 4,500kb in size and contains macros.

many people has view access only to this document and i have change access.

the problem is that when i try to add or update this document by making changes in certain fields is comes up with a page fault error.

the error pops up after i try to save the second or third line entry or even if i dont save the error still pops up.

"this program has preformed and illegal operation and will be shut down.

excel caused an invalid page fault in mudule excel.exe at 0157:3018d268"

i've tried reinstalling office 97, opening it in excel 2000 and resaving it under another name but these attempts have not worked.

any ideas??


Posted by Marcellus on December 17, 2001 4:58 AM

Hi there.
Unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer to your problem. I have come across this problem on more than on occasion and every time the solution was different. (I’m recalling from memory here).
Case one:
The error occurred when copying text from Word and pasting it into a cell in an Excel worksheet. The text had a couple of “funny” characters including “+”, “-” and “=” amongst others. It only had a problem with that particular text and not any other Word text.
Case two:
Problem occurred while that particular Spreadsheet was part of a “bound” group in Microsoft Binder. Can’t remember the exact scenario but have steered clear of MS Binder since then (it caused countless other problems as well).
Case three:
Very recent. The Excel file (4.1Mb) became corrupted, or more specifically, a worksheet in the workbook became corrupted (yes, I know, weird). My solution was to move the workbook, one page at a time, to another book. I would save the new book every time I moved a page until the error occurred. I re-opened the two workbooks and proceeded (skipping the offensive page). Then I deleted the abusive spreadsheet and named the “new” one as the original. I was lucky that the workbook only contained around 60 pages.

Hope it helps