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"not enough memory" errors?

Posted by Jeff Nyveen on November 27, 1999 8:33 PM

i have two potentially related problems that have been frustrating me for some time now. i read all the message boards and did web searches, but haven't been able to find any answers. maybe you can help.

i use excel98 for the mac, and i have created a spreadsheet of formulas to use on stock data that i get via a VBA web query. i create a list of stock ticker symbols, and then i call on my macro to go down that list of tickers, retrieve historical quote data from MSN Investor on the web, and then apply a series of formulas to the data i have collected.

works fine for the first few tickers, but after 4 or 5, apparently during the web query portion of my macro, i get a "Not enough memory" error which halts the macro till i click "OK". it then proceeds to give me exactly 14 more of the same "Not enough memory" errors, which i have to click "OK" for, before continuing with the macro and moving onto the next ticker in the list.

problem is, i was hoping to run the macro for 1000 tickers at a time. and these error messages get to be quite a nuisance.

i've also noticed that after the error-filled macro finishes, i save the data in my file, close it, and try to re-open it, i am left with a useless file. every time i try to open it, i watch the little "opening file" bar graphic on the bottom of the screen open the file halfway before presenting me with the exact same "Not enough memory" error message that the macro did. i have tried using virtual memory and allocating more RAM to Excel, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

i tried performing the same macro my brothers PC (with Excel97), and i get the same error messages.

i would be more than happy to share the code and/or the file if you think you could help me figure out the problem.


-jeff nyveen

Posted by Ivan Moala on November 28, 1999 3:40 PM

Not sure, but maybe this will help