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weird keyboard problem

Posted by Ben on April 13, 2000 4:22 AM

I have a really strange problem; the keyboard shortcuts for copy, paste, etc (eg Ctrl + C) cause XL to crash on me. But, using the menus is OK, and even Alt+E+C works. At work we have Dr. Watson installed, which announces an application exception (won't bore you with the details). Other Ctrl+ keystrokes work however (like Ctrl+Page Up for the worksheets, Ctrl+Home etc).
Has anyone any ideas, or has this happened to them?
I use XL 97.

Posted by Lorne on May 01, 2000 8:02 AM

Hi Ben, I'm new to the board so I just saw this. I use those shortcuts a lot with Excel 97, and I've had Excel crash in very selected situations (data labels in a chart come to mind), but it sounds like you're getting this all the time and that is weird. (Also I don't get Dr. Watson coming up even when Excel does crash, and we also have it installed.) Have you tried having Excel reinstalled? That's probably what our IT people would do if I complained about this. Not saying it would necessarily work but could be worth a try.