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Conditional Formatting

Posted by Roni on June 08, 2001 12:16 PM

I've read ALL the Conditional Formatting messages on this board, but have
not been able to figure this one out:

I've created a spreadsheet that I on a monthly basis I add a new bottom
number (I'm tracking my financial portfolios)... and though I've created
a way to have the LAST total formatted differently from previous, I
can't seem to get the TOTAL total (b/c it's a formula in that cell) to
behave the same way. The total calculates the total of the balances to
it's left (not a running total from the top.)

In other words, I want the bottom number (current separate balances AND total)
to always be the HIGHLIGHTED cells. When I enter the next month's numbers, I
want the previous to return to normal format.

Also, after each entry, I have a formula that calculates the %
difference from 12 months prior. Since recently a lot of these sums are
less than "0", I can't figure out how to conditionally format the bottom
line sum without using the >0 formula. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

Posted by cpod on June 08, 2001 1:32 PM

You could use the Isnumber() function in your conditional formatting to check the next cell for a blank.