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Custom Number Format

Posted by Roger on July 11, 2001 3:52 AM

Sent this already but for some reason when I click onto the message board item I get the text of someone elses query.

My problem is that I want to change the number format of a cell to +0.0%;[red]-0.0%.

While I've done this many times in the past I am now getting a message 'no new formats can be added'

I am also unable to paintbrush copy and paste the format from another document - all that happens is that the cell goes to 0.00000 format.

Presumably there is a custom format file somewhere that is 'full' but I can't find any way to locate it and
It also puzzles me that ever time I create a new worksheet previous custom changes made on other documents don't get copied over into the custom format list.

Any suggestions? I am using Excel97.

I am using Excel97

Posted by Mark W. on July 11, 2001 6:27 AM

Use the Format | Cells... menu command to open
the Format Cells dialog. Click on the "Custom"
category. Scroll to the bottom of the Type list,
and starting from the bottom of the list delete
all formats that you don't need up to the last
financial format that looks like...

_(* #,##0.00_);_(* (#,##0.00);_(* "-"??_);_(@_)

If the [ Delete ] button is greyed (ghosted) then
you know that the selected format is built-in, and \
cannot be deleted.