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Format sheet

Posted by Bill L. on April 13, 2000 4:50 PM

Backgrounds are easy enough, but what can you do to spice up a sheet that is conditionally formatted with colors? Is there any way to add texture or such to cells? For instance, I have a sheet that is CF. Certain cells return a certain color when a condition is met/unmet. A background won't show through. I'm working on a sheet for my brother and he asked me innocently enough, why can't you give my sheet that brick texture?

Posted by Ivan Moala on April 15, 2000 1:41 AM

You are limited to what is avail from the cell
fill colors.
You can how ever try as you mentioned putting in
a bacground of the Brick texture, and then conditionally formating so that it dosen't show
ie. you only see a white background then if your
condition you want is met it will show the
brick texture background = default cell background