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Protection of a cell

Posted by Charlotte Converse on February 05, 2001 4:59 PM

We have an excel spreadsheet that is protected. However in one cell we have a calculated field which is the result of quantity times price. If an individual goes to the = line and sees the formula they can remove it or if they simply hit delete in the cell, it deletes the formula. We would like to protect the formula so that cannot be changed at all by anyone but the creator. How can we do that?

Posted by Jonathan on February 05, 2001 7:07 PM

When you open the worksheet, make sure it is not protected. Then highlight the cells you WANT people to be able to change (do not highlight the cell with the formula). Go to Format, Cells, Protection Tab and take the check out off "Locked". Then click on the cell with the formula, go to Format, Cells, Protection Tab and click on Hidden. The go to Tools, Protection, Protect Sheet (optional password). What this does is allows the cells you want people to change they are changable, but cell(s)with the formula is not only protected, but the formula is hidden and others can't see it or change it.