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"X" indicator while........I put X through the range...

Posted by NiuB on November 16, 2001 6:35 AM

Hello again guys...long time no see..I got a problem..
I don't know how to revealed it correctly..

i have data in range a4:k4

1. item is in a4:a8
2. name in b4:b8
3.questions number in range c4:i8( in these cell i need to put "X" when my student get wrong) of "X" in range j4:j8 ( i use the formula countif to count the "X" )
5. the student marks in range k4:k8 (the "X" total multiply 2 to get the student marksl )

I need to put "X" when my student got a wrong answer in my I will put
problem is..I need to know their marks while I put X..because sometimes I
accidentally put "X" you guys figure a when I in..let
say...cell c4:i4..some thing like message of comment will appear and show me the
student marks ( K4 ) while I put "X" on it possible..i know I can use freeze
panes.but it take a lot of work to scroll left and know what I
mean..sometimes its involving 100 questions and you can imagine how difficult it
is for mr to see the marks..some people suggest split screen..but thats not i'm looking
for..i'm intend some indicator or something to appear while I put the "X"..its more fun and I
think a new technique..I a zillion...

Posted by Catherine Munro on November 16, 2001 9:05 AM

Why not put total X's in C4:C8, student marks in D4:D8, then freeze panes or split screen right of D? Then you would only scroll to right through questions, and not have to go back and forth. Also leaves right end open to allow adding more questions, etc.

Yes, you could write VBA to detect when cell is changed, calculate marks, and put comments anywhere you like: in a cell, in cell comments, or in a text box floating over the spreadsheet. If you've got the time to play with that, more power to you. :)