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appending columns

Posted by Leslie on October 18, 1999 1:26 PM

How do I combine the contents of columns A and B (text and text or text and numeric) into a single column A?

Posted by Ivan Moala on October 19, 1999 2:24 AM

If you want to combine column A & B into column A
ie you want to over write column A ?
Assuming data in A & B is continuous
then try this;
In column C @ C1 type in the formula " = A1 & B1 "
In this same cell you will see the cell handle in
the bottom right corner of the cell.
Double click this (it copies your formulas down
until there is an empty cell.
Next copy these cells by clicking on the copy button (or right clicking the selection)
Select cell A1 (Start of data in column A)
Select "Edit" then "Pastespecial".
In the pastespecial dialog select "Values" then
You should now have A & B combined.



Posted by Dave Stimpson on October 21, 1999 4:32 PM

Following on from Ivan's note, if you want to separate the two pieces of text with a blank space, then type in Cell C1:- =A1&" "&B1