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Auto Calc on all sheets on active cells

Posted by BOB on July 12, 2000 2:56 AM

Is there a way (with or without macros) that can add up all the cells in all work sheets and enter them on a workssheet that will house the results.

For example;

Sheet1 Cells: A1= 10 B1 = 20 C2= 5
Sheet2 Cells: A1= 20 B1 = 20 C2= 10
Sheet3 Cells: A1= 15 B1 = 10 C2= 10

Results sheet Cells:A1= 45 B1 = 50 C2= 25

Any help...Much appreciated.


Posted by Ivan Moala on July 12, 0100 4:39 AM

Try putting this in Results A1