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changing colors if ...

Posted by Osman on May 08, 2001 2:38 AM

Is it possible to let excel change color from whole row if first cell has certain value. Like cell has value 12 or 13 whole row changes color into grey, and if everything else, then leave automatic color(white)??

Posted by JAF on May 08, 2001 2:58 AM


You can do this using Conditional Formatting.

Select the forst cell that contains the "certain value" (in the example below, I've used A2). From the Format menu, select Conditional Formatting.

Change Condition1 to "Formula is" and type in the following: =OR($A2=12,$A2=13)

Specify the formatting you want then click OK.

Select the cell you just formatted, copy it, select required number of columns and rows, Edit, Paste Special and paste Formats.

Hope this helps.


Posted by Osman on May 08, 2001 3:41 AM

helped me alot, thank you