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concatation of cells from first sheet to the second sheet

Posted by raj on December 05, 2001 8:18 AM

i have some product size data on b2..b12, description on a2..a12 .. all this on the first sheet, how can i join up both these data to be put in the cells b2..b12 on the second worksheet, i have already expanded those cells to accept both the data? I currently have to re-type the full data on the second worksheet..assistance required..

Posted by Aladin Akyurek on December 05, 2001 8:30 AM

In the second sheet

in B2 enter: =Sheet1!A2&" "Sheet1B2

Copy down this as far as needed.

This creates a result of consisting of description followed by a space followed by size.


Posted by raj on December 06, 2001 7:57 AM

Re: thank you .. alladin..