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Conditional Formatting and Pasting

Posted by Melanie Swarner on October 25, 2001 6:09 AM

I have applied Conditional Formatting to some cells. I am copying and pasting these cells into another sheet. I want the already applied formats to be pasted, but I don't want the formula behind it (in the conditional formatting dialog box) to be pasted.
Right now, it pastes the data and the conditional formatting. The conditional formatting is basically =ABS(current cell)>ACell The problem, ACell doesn't exist in the new location so it reapplies the formatting and throws off the formatting.

It's not as confusing as I've made it sound, I'm sure...

Thanks for any help!


Posted by lenze on October 25, 2001 7:21 AM

Melanie: Here is a workaround that might help. Istead of referencing a cell in your Conditional Formatting, use a named range. If your ACELL is, say $A$2, give it a name, such as "testvalue." Then write your Conditional format formula =ABS(CurrCell>testvalue. The formatting will still paste, but it will refer back to the original cell.


Posted by Melanie Swarner on October 25, 2001 7:51 AM

Worked Great! Thanks! (nt)