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Copy incremental VLookup number?

Posted by Robert on August 17, 2000 4:22 PM

Is there any way to copy a vlookup function, or auto
fill, where =VLOOKUP(1,RANGE,2,FALSE) becomes
=VLOOKUP(2,RANGE,2,FALSE)? I've tried everything (I
can think of), and can't do it without manually entering
it. Going from $A2 TO $A3 works, but I can't do it with
plain numbers. Thanks.

Posted by Celia on August 17, 0100 5:36 PM

You could use the Row() function which returns the row number containing the formula.
For example, if your formula "=VLOOKUP(1,Range,2,False)" starts in row1, change it to :-

If it starts in some other row (e.g. Row4), it would be :-


Posted by Robert on August 17, 0100 5:42 PM

Thanks Celia

That's just what I was looking for, and yet it's
so simple. Thanks.