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Count empty cells

Posted by Paul B. on January 16, 2001 5:05 PM

I need a formula to put in cell A1 that will count the empty cells in rows C2:C3000 if A2:A3000 is >50. It would need to look at both A & C in each row. Example A2=51,C2 has a date in it, A3=51,C3 is empty, A1 should show 1 and not count all the empty cells to C3000. I am using Excel ’97. Thanks for your help. Paul

Posted by Dave Hawley on January 16, 2001 8:32 PM

Hi Paul

You will can use an array for this like:

You MUST enter this with Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Or if some of your blank cells are returning empty text ("") and you dont want to count them, use:=SUM((A2:A3000>50)*(ISBLANK(C2:C3000)))

Again you must enter it with Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Hope this helps

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