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Creating a drop down list in excel

Posted by Randycas on June 22, 2001 6:15 AM

I have been trying to create a drop down list in excel using visual basic for a while now. I know absolutely nothing about this application.
Basically what i want to do is have a drop down list for each cell in a column where the user selects a mortgage company and a code would be shown. I have gotten as far as creating the 2 column list and designating the bound column, then I tried to write code to show the drop down arrow and list when the user selects the cell but i am not having any luck at all. This is very new to me and I would appreciate any help with this since this is the only item on the worksheet giving me trouble and my deadline went about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for your help

Posted by Barrie Davidson on June 22, 2001 7:17 AM

Have you tried using a validation list for the mortgage company and a VLOOKUP statement for the code?

If you need help with data validation let me know.


Posted by Randycas on June 22, 2001 10:35 AM

I have created my validation list and applied it to column K8:K50. My list is from X8:X31. The vlookup function has to apply to column K8:K50 but i am not allowed to write a formula since data validation has been applied. I need the user to select the company but when it is selected it change to a 2 character code. Am i going about this vlookup the wrong way. I keep getting an error. Forgive my ignorance.


Posted by Randycas on June 22, 2001 10:36 AM

Me again....The list is from X8:Y31 sorry


Posted by Barrie Davidson on June 22, 2001 11:31 AM

Cas, a quick question - Do you want to put the mortgage company code in column L (right beside column K)? If yes, put the following formula in L8 and copy down to L50:

Am I on the right track?


Posted by Randycas on June 22, 2001 1:29 PM

The column i have set up is called Mortgage company which is column K. Here is where i put data validation where the user would choose the company they wanted. Then my boss said that he did not want to have the company name, he wanted the codes that we usually use, there i have to find a way where they would click on the drop down arrow,select the company and when they do this a code would appear in same column. That is why i was trying Visual Basic in Excel, it has something to do with a bound column, but i don't know how to write code to get the drop down arrows in each cell in column k along with the list.