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Drop Down Selection Cells

Posted by Glenn Balian on June 12, 2001 12:39 PM

I have 2 questions regarding creating drop down selection cells
1. How do you create simple drop down cells (e.g. Select Yes or No)
2. How do you creat more complex drop down cells that may allow you to select more than one choice
(e.g. if red, blue, green, orange are choices, choices blue and green could be selected)
3. If I am using this for a survey, how do I consolidate information off of a drop down cell especially if
more than one choice is selected in a cell

Glenn Balian

Posted by Joe Was on June 12, 2001 1:20 PM

Go to Data-Validation, first Tab select type- List, in the data box type your lit items, use a comma " ," to separate list items or make a list anywhere in your workbook. If your list will have items added to it periodically name the range and re-name it the same name with each update. Then in the list data box reference the sheet list with:
=your list name or =AX500:AX510 (as you would a normal range)

Each item in a dropdown list, is its own item you cannot select more than one!

You could do a user form button or check box and have the selections merged as a text phrase?

Like: "Green" & " Test" & " 1" for: Green Test 1