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Elementary Question

Posted by PDE on September 01, 2000 7:58 PM

I am just learning Excel. I have created a spread sheet with a formula in a cell that adds numbers in cells E through J and I want the total in cell K. It works OK, but the figures in the column that have no numbers entered in the preceding cells show up as "zero". How can I make the cell just show blank without zeros all the way down the column. I have the same situation in my checkbook register. It shows the last figure all the way down the column.

I hope this question is not too elementary for you to answer.

Thanks in Advance.

Posted by Casey on September 05, 0100 12:36 AM

If I am reading this correctly, you do not want zero values showing in your spreadsheet. The easiest way to do this (especially if you are just learning) is simply in a menu selection. You do not need to enter an If/Then formula. Just go to "Tools" then select "Options". Click on the "view" tab and towards the bottom, UNCHECK the ZERO VALUES box. That will make all values that are zero disappear

Posted by Ivan Moala on September 01, 0100 9:23 PM

Try entering this formula in your formula cell




Posted by Celia on September 01, 0100 9:28 PM

Do you mean that if the total is 0, then nothing should be shown? If so, try :-

Have a look at IF_Worksheet_Function in on-line Help for an explanation of this formula.