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Export from Crystal Reports is too small

Posted by Todd on November 13, 2001 9:53 AM


When I export a one-page report into Excel from an application that uses Crystal Reports, the report looks fine, but when I "Print" or "Print Preview", the whole one-page report is crammed into the upper left corner. The Scaling is automatically set to "Adjust to 10% of orignal size".

I've tried exporting several different versions of the Excel file, and all seem to do this. The software manufacturer claims innocence (surprise!). I end up having to go to Page Setup and change it every time I do an export.

I created a macro that "cleans up" extraneous cells and data and tried to add a line that changed the page formatting so it fits 1 page x 1 page, but it seems to give me an error message each time I run it - (can't recall it here, maybe save for a later post).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance...


Posted by Jack on November 13, 2001 11:49 AM

Crystal eh!

Crystal should go into Excel OK i have used V7 my company use it all day i dont but i run a report and then copy and paste into Excel thisis fine but need to CSV typr import and set line to data and so on, nothing unusual there
The issue of print size your question is odd, and should not happen if your just importing or paste to excel, so i say must be a default in excel

The macro to adjust size and print can prove hard, move the print up as far as poss and set the page setting ie 100% as soon as the import done, so to keep them apart

Good luck hard without the code .. might post if you want more help