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Finding specific string value

Posted by Steven Pinon on November 03, 2000 8:19 AM

I know this can be done but can't remember how....

If in A1 I had "ABCDEFG" then how do I make it so that cell C1 could return the letter in say third position in the string? In effect what I want is to have a list of company names in the A column and then get column B to be equal to the first 5 letters oif the names so Microsoft would come out as Micro and McDonalds would come out as McDon etc etc.....

help me!

Posted by Ben O. on November 03, 2000 8:45 AM

This is an easy one:


If you wanted the third character only:



Posted by Aladin.Akyurek on November 03, 2000 11:22 AM


would give you McDon if a1="McDonalds".