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Posted by roger on November 01, 2000 11:01 AM

I am in need of a formula to calculate student test grades on an rolling basis dropping the lowest current grade and providing their current grade average. There is an undetermined number of tests.
I would like the students to be able to see there current grade at any time during the semester (average minus lowest grade) Thanks

Posted by Tim Francis-Wright on November 01, 2000 2:21 PM

If a student's grades are in row 3, columns A through J, for example, you could use the following
formula at K3 (and copy downward as needed):

(This is an array formula: use control-shift-enter instead of enter.)

This prevents a #REF! error when there is only one grade in the A3:J3 range.
If you will need more than 10 grades for the term, simply change J3 in the formula to the
proper ending cell.


Posted by AB on November 02, 2000 12:41 PM

I'm thinking the array formula could be bypassed with a less complex standard formula.


So in the above formula we're just saying the sum of all the values minus the minimum divided by the count of all the values minus 1.