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Formula Dilemma

Posted by JOSEPH aNTHONY on December 17, 2001 10:38 AM

Formula help please!

What I am trying to accomplish is A2 is if starting capital is e.g., $25000 when it doubles to $50,000 in whatever cell then I would reduce or withdraw by 1/2 of original capital ($12,500 in this example) and would continue future calculations from that point or 2*A2- 1/2 of A2.
2*$25000=$50000- 1/2 of original capital =$12,500.
Then future calculations, next cell would calculate from capital of $50,000 -$12,500 = $37,500.

Thank you in advance,

Posted by Jacob on December 17, 2001 2:15 PM


Maybe this will get you started.

Lets say in A1 you have the starting capital.
In A2 you have the new total

In B1 type = if(A1*2>A2,0,A2-(A1*.5))
Fill this formula across for as many columns as you want.