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Formulas on line charts

Posted by Nick on August 16, 2000 8:31 AM

My problem is that I have a spreadsheet calculating results on a daily basis. These results are graphically presented on a line graph. As some of the points are in the future a result of #DIV/0!.

When I include such formulas in the data for the linegraph it treats them as zeros. I would prefer to not plot these points.

Can anyone help?


Posted by Erica on August 17, 0100 5:22 AM

Posted by Erica on August 17, 0100 5:26 AM

You will have to avoid the #DIV/0. You can run through your data in the macro and test for it and if the divider is found to be 0, then replace the result formula with cells(r,c).value = empty.
This will result in the points not being plotted at all in the graph. There might be a way to make the cell empty in your formula by means of an if-statement, but I could not find it.