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Posted by Lupin on December 13, 2000 8:34 AM

How can I view the formula =12.5/32 as 12.5/32 instead of 13/32 or 25/64?

Is there a custom formatting that would work or a series of formulas that would do the trick?

Posted by Skip on December 13, 2000 11:37 AM

Enter a space instead of a period.

Posted by Celia on December 13, 2000 3:17 PM

Alternatively :-

="12.5/32" or just input 12.5/32

Posted by Tim Francis-Wright on December 13, 2000 8:25 PM

If you want to have 12.5/32 still equal the
number 25/64 for computation purposes, Excel
lacks the number format that you need.

I see a possibility that might be a workaround,
if the fractions in question are inputs and not
the results of formulas themselves...

1. Have a cell next to the fraction in question
be, if the fraction is in B3

2. Define a function called ShowFrac:
Public Function ShowFrac(cel As String) As String
Dim ce As Range, form As String
Set ce = Range(cel).Cells(1)
form = ce.formula
ShowFrac = Right(form, Len(form) - 1)
End Function

I suspect that this won't be as universally applicable
as you need.

Posted by Skip on December 14, 2000 5:24 PM

I'm sorry I don't know the answer to that. Thanks for the help with the next available cell in a column It worked perfectly for me.