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highlight particular rows

Posted by kid on February 07, 2000 2:12 AM

1st 4give 4 my poor english..i have problem..please bear
with me on this..let's say i do my work on column A1,
B1,C1 n D1..cell A1 is for item, B1 for name,C1
for marks n D1 for there any macro that
can highlight the particular rows that is A1,B1,C1 n D1
everytime when "D" n "E" appear in cell D1("D" n "E" means fail)
thanks ..ihope u undersatnd my question is..i'm also
hoping this macro can run in the next cell etc..thanks

Posted by Celia on February 07, 2000 6:02 PM

Instead of a macro, you might like to use one of the following methods.

(1) Put the following formula in cell E1


This will put the word “Fail” in cell E1. You can change the formula to any other word(s) you prefer and can drag the formula down column E .

(2) Select the data in column D, go to Format/Conditional Formatting and set two conditions:

Condition 1. Cell Value Is/Equal To/=”D”
Condition 2. Cell Value Is/Equal To/=”E”

For each condition, select your preferred highlighting.