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How do you change a value using a macro

Posted by Mike on July 18, 2000 5:19 AM

i have data in a pivot table that i dont want to be added. i was thinking if i put a "*" next to the number it wouldnt add it and think it was text. how can i put that in a macro so it when it finds "mike" for ex. it changes the number next to it to 23*.
My data example:
mike 23
john 22
jake 25

Posted by Ada on July 18, 0100 7:00 PM

Here's a suggested alternative approach (without using a macro):-

Add a column and enter in this column a "*" in the rows that you don't want added.

Use a SUMIF formula to arrive at the total.
For example, if the numbers to be added are in range D1:D10 and the "*" in column A, the formula would be :-