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I need Vlookup Help.

Posted by Sdimaggio on December 10, 2001 1:22 PM

What is happening here? I have a spread sheet that looks like this.

Row A B C
1 1 a 6
2 2 b
3 3 c
4 4 d
5 5 e

I am doing a Vlookup(C1,$A$1:$B$5,2) and the answer is “e” it should be #N/A. When I type in a 4.5 in C1 instead of 6, the answer is “d” it should be #N/A. I need to have the Vlookup function do exact matches. How do I do this?

Background: I have database “A” which has 1800 approval numbers and which is 1800 lines long. I have database “B” which has 25,000 lines and each line has one of the 1800 approval numbers. In database “B” some of the approval numbers are calculated to be active and some are inactive. I am trying to matchup only the active approval numbers back to database “A”. I did a unique advanced filter to eliminate all the duplicate approval numbers. but i'm having problems on the lookup. Is there an easier way?

Posted by Mark W. on December 10, 2001 1:27 PM

You need to supply the 4th (optional) argument of 0 or FALSE (nt)

Posted by Horacio on December 10, 2001 2:13 PM

If you don't put the 4th argument, it will find the closest match... try this(C1,$A$1:$B$5,2,false)

Posted by sdimaggio on December 10, 2001 5:44 PM

Thanks :)