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if,then formulas

Posted by Fred Odom on August 04, 2000 8:27 PM

I need a truly layman explaination about the formula needed to create a data base with some cells giving a result if certain conditions are present, such as; if A1:A10,000 has a particular ID #(11245) then C1:C10,000 will display ($4.00) on all record rows that the ID# appears. Then I need those $ values to show on other sheets of the workbook and total all $4.00 entries on a columm on that sheet.

Posted by Celia on August 04, 0100 11:32 PM


Do you want worksheet formulas or a macro ?

If you want worksheet formulas :-
To get the $4.00 in Column C, format Column C to display $ signs and 2 decimals then enter the following formula in cell C1 and fill down :-

The rest of your requirements are not specific enough to answer.

If you a merely looking for the total dollars arrived at by multiplying $4 by the count of ID # 11245, then the following formula will give it without the above formula and without any other intermediate steps :-