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Posted by Corey on September 17, 2001 2:18 PM

I have two sheets in a workbook. The first, “Budget,” has two years of budget information (each column representing a month). The second sheet “Summary” will capture only one month of information, based on the month selected.

I would like to be able to input a period (date) in a fixed cell (C2) of the Summary sheet and have that month’s budget information flow into this sheet.

The Budget sheet has the date (value to be matched) in row 1 and the data I want to extract in row 10. Because of the layout, I do not think I can do this with lookup. Any suggestions on how I can make this work?



Posted by Juan Pablo on September 17, 2001 2:51 PM

Have you tried HLOOKUP ? the layout that you say corresponds to this function... if need more help post again.

Juan Pablo


Posted by Aladin Akyurek on September 17, 2001 2:56 PM


It's if I'm interpreting your query the right way: