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math operations

Posted by Brian Pickell on February 05, 2002 6:09 PM

I'm trying to take the value of a cell which is a percentage and check to make sure that percentage is between a certain percentage and if it is multiply another cell by another percentage.. for example say cell D28 has 6.1% and cell D30 has $2200.00 the formula I am using that is not working is as follows

=IF(D28>0.06 & D28<0.07,ROUND(D30*0.19,2),"")

for some reason if D28 is above 6% it always comes back as true even if its 10%

that will not work for what I'm trying to accomplish.
Any help would be great.

Posted by Yogi Anand on February 05, 2002 8:07 PM

Hi Brian:
It is because of problem with the 'and' portion of your criterion. Use the following formula:

Yogi Anand
ANAND Enterprises (broken link)