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merging cells and keeping all text

Posted by mottod on October 31, 2001 3:47 PM

Is there a way to merge cells without losing any text within the cells? Currently, merging cells only keeps top left cell text and loses everything else.

Posted by Qroozn on October 31, 2001 3:51 PM

do you want the contens of three cells to make one cell entry... eg.
a1=John/a2=bladen/a3=smith =>a1=john Bladen Smith

id it easier for you to insert another column in between and then merge those cells?

Posted by mottod on November 01, 2001 9:23 AM

Yes one cell entry.
I need to combine rows as follows:
h1: john, h2: jacob, h3: smith
john jacob smith.

What do you mean insert columns (rows in my case) and merge those? It seems that I still would have the same issue.

Posted by Nathan Lofthouse on November 01, 2001 1:59 PM

In h4 put =h1&h2&h3