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Need help with this formula

Posted by Kevin Mac on December 11, 2001 7:40 AM

=INT((BO4-BN4)/52)&" months"&" + "&(((BO4-BN4)/52)-INT((BO4-BN4)/52))*52&" days have elapsed - THANK YOU"

I am trying to make it count the difference in months and days, between 2 date ranges, such as 12/07/98 (-) 11/21/00. I have about 6700 line items I need to calculate this way, any help will be appreciated.

Posted by KEVIN MAC - TO ALL EXCEL GURU'S on December 11, 2001 10:00 AM

Posted by Barrie Davidson on December 11, 2001 10:06 AM

Kevin, I created a formula that might help you out. Have a look at

and see the second question.

Does this help you out?

BarrieBarrie Davidson

Posted by KEVIN MAC _ THANKS FOR THE ASSIST on December 11, 2001 10:24 AM

:After looking at the question 2 on your website, I have come to the following conclusion...There is a problem there somewhere.
Q I have two dates in A1, B1 (01/01/1998 and 01/12/1998). I want C1 to contain 0 days 11 months 00 years. Basically A1 is start date and B1 would be todays date and C1 would be the length of time you have been at the company?
The dates you have here shows 11 "DAYS" elapsed, but this question shows 11 months elapsed. I did try the formula on my workbook, and the calculations are incorrect, it is showing a 1 year and 1 month period of time elapsed as 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days, but I will work with what you have compiled and see if I can formulate it to work for what I am doing correctly. Thanks very much for the assist though, and if you do find why it is calculating incorrectly, let me know. : =INT((BO4-BN4)/52)&" months"&" + "&(((BO4-BN4)/52)-INT((BO4-BN4)/52))*52&" days have elapsed - THANK YOU" :