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Nested If Arguements

Posted by Robert on March 27, 2000 10:49 AM

I'm trying to create a formula that will convert a US$ amount to UK pounds based on a monthly exchange rate. I would like the formula to be able to use any one of the 12 possible exchange rates (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc). Since I can only nest 7 arguments, does anyone else out there have any ideas how I can get around this without range/valuing the previous months? Thanks.

Posted by Jaime on March 27, 2000 2:44 PM

Hi Robert,

U should use boolean logic for this.
It's very simple. Look at Jamie's question from mar 27, 2000,Titled Multiple IF statements and my response to her.
If u would like send me some of ur data and i will show u. On the other hand that might get u in trouble


Posted by AB on March 28, 2000 6:13 AM

I recommend you create a table of exchange rates and use a lookup function based on month to pull the proper rate.

Boolean logic is great but in this application too lengthy. A lookup table allows easy access to adjust the rates.