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Next work day function

Posted by Ben on August 07, 2000 10:11 PM

Is there a function that returns the next calendar workday?

Posted by Celia on August 09, 0100 1:15 AM

Re: Thanks all

Go to Tools/Add-ins, select Analysis Toolpak, and click OK. You should then be able to use the shorter formula.

Posted by Michael Liu on August 08, 0100 1:40 PM

or just =WORKDAY(A1,1)
I think this is part of the Analysis Toolpak Add-in.
Same one that contains the EOMONTH function.

Posted by Ben on August 09, 0100 6:58 PM

Re: Thanks all

Thanks Celia, found it.

Posted by Ben on August 08, 0100 10:41 PM

Thanks all

Long function works. Looks like I can't use the =WORKDAY(A1,1) function yet.

Posted by David on August 07, 0100 11:04 PM


Will return the next weekday. Is that what you want.